Some Speed Issues Fixed, Mobile Layout Soon

Some of the website’s speed issues should be fixed now thanks to our local superhero Dragonfree!

Most of the problems were caused by a single tiny error that would overload the database whenever someone visited any page (especially when there was breaking news and everyone got on at once). It caused over 5,000,000 entries in the database each day, so it was definitely one very loud error. There are still speed issues we will be working on over the next few weeks, but overall, loading the website should be more bearable now (I’m mainly speaking to desktop viewing, not mobile viewing).

As I stated in discussion for the grand re-opening post, I am still working on the mobile layout of the website. I realize that it is very hard to use the website when you’re on a phone or tablet, but I wanted to get the new website up first and foremost even if it meant the mobile layout wasn’t ready yet. So just hang in there a little longer, mobile users! I promise the speed and experience will be much better soon!

This week I will have a very exciting website announcement. Don’t miss it!