Mega Rayquaza Figure and XY64 Rayquaza Released!

Mega Rayquaza Figure XY64 Rayquaza EX  Mega Rayquaza Collection  Rayquaza Box
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The Mega Rayquaza Collection is now out! It comes with a Mega Rayquaza figure, XY64 Rayquaza, and four booster packs (two Roaring Skies, one Primal Clash, and one Phantom Forces).

In Europe, the promo is inside the “Rayquaza Box,” which also comes with the same packs (minus a Roaring Skies). It does not come with a figure – probably because of toy laws or something prohibitive – and is instead replaced by an exclusive jumbo version of the card. The product is apparently exclusive to Toy Barnhaus stores.

Thanks goes to Edderz for the news!