XY74 ‘Laverre Gym Battle! The Beautiful Fairy Trap!!’

Ash and his friends, including Scottie, arrive at the Laverre Gym so Ash can challenge for his next Kalos Badge. Valerie’s gym is a lush, indoor garden with digital displays on the walls. She arrives and welcomes Ash, and they start a 2-on-2 Pokémon battle. Valerie starts with her Sylveon, and Ash is surprised by her ability to speak her Pokémon’s language. Ash decides to send out his Fletchinder, and the battle begins!

Fletchinder gets an early hit, but Sylveon retaliates and traps Fletchinder in its ribbons, spinning it around the gym then hitting it with an snow attack. Fletchinder withstands the attack and sends flames shooting down the ribbons, and both Pokémon attack each other at the same time. After the clash, Sylveon is knocked-out and unable to battle!

Valerie then sends out her Spritzee, which sets up a Trick Room around the battlefield to nullify Fletchinder’s speed. Ash continues to attack with Fletchinder, stalling for time for the Trick Room effects to wear off. However, Spritzee is still able to knock-out Fletchinder with a powerful Moonblast, forcing Ash to send out his final Pokémon, Hawlucha.

Spritzee sets up another Trick Room, but when it attacks with Gyro Ball, Hawlucha is able to counter. It attacks Spritzee with a powerful spinning attack, and the power of the attack breaks through the barriers of the Trick Room, shattering it. Both Pokémon are injured but still fighting strong until Hawlucha attacks Spritzee with a powerful kick and knocks it out. Ash is the winner! Valerie presents him with the Fairy Badge, and Ash is one step closer to competing in the Kalos League.

Next Episode: Scottie has decided to travel along with Ash and his friends! However, he loses his notebook and it ends up in the hands of Team Rocket. Will they be able to retrieve it before anything bad happens?


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