XY72 ‘Hospitality of the Scary House!’

On their way to the next town, Ash and his friends come across a manor. Although nervous due to similarities with a scary story that Serena had been telling, they enter the house to escape a storm and meet its owner, Cole. Ash, Serena, and Bonnie all relax their guard after a tasty meal, but Clemont is still suspicious. Cole then tells them all the story of how he came across the house himself many years ago. Everyone is scared by the story except Bonnie, who seems intrigued by the supernatural.

All of a sudden, mysterious phenomena start happening around the house, with paintings rattling on the walls and banging sounds coming from above. Clemont brings out a new device of his to detect ghosts and tries to use it to scan shadows that appear in the hallway, but the ghosts steal it away, leaving Bonnie to chase after them, unafraid. She leads them all into a room with instruments and Clemont is able to finally scan the ghosts. They’ll all Pokémon! Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar are all friends of Cole’s, hanging out making music.

As they’re talking, they realize that Bonnie is missing. Ash disappears after running after her, then Serena falls into a trapdoor in the floor. Cole shows Clemont a passageway that leads him to a sealed room where they are all reunited. The room also contained a diary of a young Cole, leading him to remember when he first met the Pokémon living in the house as a child. However, the date on the photo is too old for Cole to still be alive. Is he a ghost, too? Everyone starts to freak out, but suddenly, they all wake up on the side of the road, leaving only Bonnie with a photo of Cole and the Ghost Pokémon to remember their adventure.

Next Episode: Ash and his friends finally arrive at Laverre City and meet Valerie. However, she’s too busy for a Gym Battle due to a fashion show. Will Ash get to battle Shota instead?


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