XY71 ‘The Worst Luck? Eureka VS Meowth!!’ + Preview of Upcoming Anime Events

As stated in the welcoming post, we’ll now be posting screenshots of the anime every week! Standard definition shots will be up less than seven minutes after the episode airs, while HD shots will be up 15-20 minutes later. We’ll also have a summary of each episode:

Ash, his friends, and all of their Pokémon are enjoying a meal together when Team Rocket attacks from their Meowth balloon in the sky. Chespin and Pancham are captured, but are freed by Luxray’s Swift which sends the balloon to the ground, spilling a large sack of apples that Team Rocket was carrying. The apples attract a group of Pangoro that attack everyone in a rampage!

Everyone runs away in different directions and they end up separated in small groups, including Bonnie and Meowth who fall down a cliff together and get stuck in a thick vine! After some initial arguments, they begin to work together, and the partnership becomes more friendly as they share food between the two of them and Dedenne. While running away from a Pangoro, they land on a group of Foongus and Bonnie falls asleep! After healing her with a Chesto Berry, the group falls into a river and the vine is cut in on a sharp rock.

Freed at least, Bonnie wants to set off on her own, but Meowth convinces her to let him tag along. She sees Fletchinder flying up ahead and runs ahead to meet back up with Ash and her brother, though she inadvertantly leads the group of angry Pangoro right to them! Serena’s Pancham talks to them and Meowth translates and they learn how Team Rocket stole all the apples from the Pangoro’s tree in the first place. Jessie and James choose that moment to arrive, carrying those very same apples and they and Meowth are attacked driven away by the Pangoro. Ash and his friends enjoy a meal of apples with the Pangoro before heading back on their journey.

Next episode: Ash and his friends get lost and take shelter in a old house where strange things happen. What is the truth behind this scary house?!

[ep series=XY num=”071″ title=”The Worst Luck? Eureka VS Meowth!!” images=”3-73, 131-332, 387-656, 747-759″]

A preview of upcoming events in the anime was also uploaded to Pokemon’s YouTube channel: