XY70 ‘Conclusion! Goodra, Somewhere Over the Rainbow!!’

Ash and his friends react quickly to save the kidnapped Pokémon, Clemont and Serena use their Pokémon to distract the Bug-type soldiers while Ash, Goodra, and Bonnie hunt for their missing friends and are confronted by Florges in nearby a cavern.

While they talk, the healing water in the cavern and throughout the wetlands is drained by a device made by Team Rocket, and the duo admits to using Florges for their own purposes. They escape with the kidnapped Pokémon in a large, Mantine-shaped flying ship. Ash, Florges, and Goodra make their way into the ship, but they they must battle Team Rocket before they can save their friends. Goodra and Florges work together to defeat Pumpkaboo and Inkay, free the captured Pokémon, and send Team Rocket blasting off. The Bug-type army works together with Goodra’s friends to save them all from the damaged ship.

Back on the ground, Goodra uses Rain Dance and Florges Grass Terrain to repair the land from Team Rocket’s actions, and Floette recovers and enjoys the new healing waters. After seeing how much Goodra loves his homeland and friends, Ash decides to leave Goodra behind in the wetlands and the two embrace and remember their fond memories together. Goodra and Florges will work together to take care of the wetlands while Ash and his friends leave to continue their journey.

Next Episode: As a result of shenanigans involving a wild Pangoro, Bonnie and Meowth are stranded together in the forest. Will they be able to work together towards a common goal of reuniting with their friends?


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