XY67 ‘Lumiose Gym Battle! Ash VS Clemont!!’

Ash and Clemont finally have their long-awaited Gym Battle!

Clemont starts off with his newly-trained Bunnelby and Ash sends out Pikachu who wins the battle after some initial surprises. Clemont’s second Pokémon is Heliolisk and Ash decides to withdraw Pikachu for Goodra. Unfortunately, Goodra gets paralyzed and Ash withdraws him for his third chosen Pokémon, Hawlucha. Hawlucha pulls off the win against Heliolisk and Clemont sends out his final Pokémon, Luxray. Luxray sets up an Electric Terrain, and with the help of the Electric-type move boost, it is able to knock out with Hawlucha and Pikachu!

Ash sends out Goodra as a last resort, using its Rain Dance to cancel the effects of the Electric Terrain and refresh itself. Luxray continues with a flood of attacks, but Goodra counters with Bide, knocking Luxray out. Ash is the winner! He receives the Lumiose Gym Badge from Clemont, and the group makes plans to continue their Pokémon journey together.

Next Episode: Ash and company visit Professor Sycamore to learn more about Mega Evolution, but Team Rocket interferes! What sort of hijinks are they getting up to this time? Will they steal the secret of Mega Evolution?

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