XY66 ‘The Lumiose City Investigation! Clembot VS Black Clembot!!’

Ash, Serena, and Bonnie reunite with Clemont and Ash challenges Clemont for the Lumiose City Gym Badge. However, before their match can begin, Officer Jenny appears to arrest Clembot!

Clemont discovers that someone has built a copy of Clemont and shows the evidence to Officer Jenny who releases Clembot and the group goes to find the Black Clembot and its owner. They find both robot and its creator, a scientist named Balmondo, and the two Clembots proceed to have a Pokémon battle, Clembot with Clemont’s Heliolisk, and Black Clembot with a Magneton. Clembot is about to win the battle, but Team Rocket shows up and captures both robots with a powerful magnet. Thankfully, Blaziken Mask and Mega Blaziken show up to cut down the magnet and send Team Rocket blasting off.

Belmondo refuses to give up and challenges Clemont to a Pokémon battle directly, but Clemont’s Luxray makes quick work of the scientist’s Magnezone. Finally defeated, Belmondo gives himself up to Officer Jenny and the group has a celebratory dinner with Meyer, Clemont’s dad.

Next week’s episode finally features the gym battle between Ash and Clemont. Will Ash prove victorious and earn his 5th gym badge?

[ep series=XY num=”066″ title=”The Lumiose City Investigation! Clembot VS Black Clembot!!” images=”4-52, 111-301, 356-655, 709-732, 747-764″]