M Rayquaza-EX Full Art and Togepi from ‘Emerald Break!’

Pokemon’s Japanese Twitter account just posted a photo of full art M Rayquaza-EX and Togepi from Emerald Break! The set will be released in Japan next week, and we should have full scans and translations sometime between Tuesday and Thursday, so be sure to check back!

M Rayquaza-EX Full Art from Emerald Break Togepi from Emerald Break

Togepi – Fairy – HP40
Basic Pokemon

[C] Angel Kiss: 10 damage. Your opponent draws a card.

Weakness: Metal (x2)
Resistance: Darkness (-20)
Retreat: 1

M Rayquaza-EX – Colorless – HP220
Mega Evolution – Evolves from Rayquaza-EX

When 1 of your Pokemon becomes a Mega Evolution, your turn ends.

Δ Evolution: Once during your turn (before your attack), you may play this card from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon even if that Pokemon was put into play this turn or if it’s your first turn.

[C][C][C] Emerald Break: 30x damage. Does 30 damage times the number of Pokemon on your Bench.

When a Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Lighting (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-20)
Retreat: 1