Hoopa Confirmed in Movie 18

As expected, leaks of CoroCoro have revealed that Hoopa will be joining Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon, and shiny Mega Rayquaza in movie 18 – the title of the film is The Archdjinn of Rings: Hoopa. The film will premiere in Japanese theaters on July 18th.

The magazine questions what the “archdjinn” could be. While Hoopa is classified in the video games as the “Mischief Pokemon,” its new form, “Hoopa Unbound,” is classified as the “Djinn Pokemon.” So the movie title is obviously referencing its new form – the “highest” djinn of them all, an “archdjinn,” like an “archangel.” Djinn are supernatural creatures / spirits in Islamic and Arabian mythology – “genies.”

CoroCoro also reveals that Hoopa likes donuts because of their ring shape, meaning Hoopa is yet another movie Pokemon in love with a certain food (Celebi and berries, Lucario and chocolate, Victini and macrons). Hoopa’s Ken Sugimori artwork was also revealed.

In gaming news, the magazine reveals that a shiny Rayquaza is to be distributed at Japan’s World Hobby Fair from January 18th to February 8th. It is Level 70 and knows Dragon Pulse, Thunder, Twister, and Extreme Speed. Hopefully we’ll get it overseas too?

Hoopa in CoroCoro Hoopa in CoroCoro Rayquaza in CoroCoro