Gengar Spirit Link Holo from Gamestop

The “Gengar Spirit Link 2-Pack” is now exclusively available at some Gamestop stores, though it won’t officially be released until October 13th. The blister pack features a holo version of Gengar Spirit Link from the upcoming Phantom Forces set and also comes with a Flashfire and Furious Fists pack. A huge thanks goes to HappyGengar for sending us the images below!

Don’t forget that starting Monday, you will be able to obtain a code from Gamestop that allows you to download a shiny (Mega) Gengar! You can see what the code card looks like below. Gengar comes at Level 25 in a Dusk Ball and knows Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Astonish, and Sludge Wave, a move it cannot normally learn. The distribution will end on November 16th.

Gengar Spirit Link Gengar Spirit Link 2-Pack Blister Shiny Mega Gengar Distribution