2014 World Champions Crowned, No Announcement for Next Year’s Location

The 2014 World Champions have been crowned! The TCG champions are Andrew Estrada (Canada), Trent Orndorff (U.S.), and Haruto Kobayashi (Japan). The video game champions are Se Jun Park (Korea), Nikolai Zielinski (U.S.), and Kota Yamamoto (Japan). Their pictures are below in the aforementioned order. Click their names to view their decks or teams on Pokemon.com. Congratulations to all competitors!

The location for Worlds 2015 was not announced at this year’s event, breaking a longtime tradition. An official stated that the announcement would not be made immediately, but we’ll be sure to let you know the location as soon as we find out!

Update (Monday, 8:00 AM) – Found out that plans for Worlds 2015’s location fell through due to some sort of conflict. It’s not that the location is being withheld because it’s super special or whatever. We’ll probably find out the location once TPCi solidifies its plans.

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