August’s English XY Set: ‘Furious Fist’

We have received word that America’s XY3 set is named Furious Fist and will be released in stores on August 13th. The set is obviously our equivalent to Japan’s Rising Fist (below), of which we know very little about at this point.

Worlds is August 16th to 17th, which means this set would be legal for the tournament (assuming our date is correct – Plasma Blast was released on August 14th last year). Unless TPCi really wants to make Worlds competitive and spontaneous, one would assume the set won’t be legal since there is such a short window to buy the cards and Pokemon fans would be out for blood and raiding Wal-Marts. Then again that would be pretty funny and give a whole new meaning to the set’s name. On the plus side, it would be a truer test of a Pokemon player’s skills to figure out how to use the set under such tight circumstances and would also give prerelease tournaments a major boost in attendance. Not to mention make things more fun!

We’ll of course let you know when the set’s official release date is as soon as Pokemon announces it, so stay tuned!

XY3 Rising Fist