Mega Latios, Latias, and Shiny Legendary Trio Unlocked in Game Hacks

Update (8:30 AM, Friday) – Added Xerneas’s shiny model when in Active Mode.

A professional game hacking company today released cheat codes to unlock shiny Pokemon and all the Mega Stones in X and Y (before you ask, you have to have their hardware to even use the codes). A few YouTube fans who own the hardware are showing off Mega Latios, Mega Latias, and shiny Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde, as you can see below. If you can cheat, please do not pollute the online environment with hacked Pokemon or Items.

Like we posted a while ago, Mega Latios and Latias retain their original Dragon / Psychic typing. They both have Levitate and are purple in their regular forms and green as shinies. Mega Latios has 80 HP / 130 Attack / 100 Defense / 160 Sp. Attack / 120 Sp. Defense / 110 Speed while Mega Latias has 80 HP / 100 Attack / 120 Defense / 140 Sp. Attack / 150 Sp. Defense / 110 Speed.

Shiny Xerneas Shiny Xerneas Active Mode Shiny Yveltal Shiny Zygarde