‘CoroCoro’ unleashes a torrent of new information; version exclusives and more!

Once again, this is viper.fox reporting in for WPM who is currently running around in Japan.

The new CoroCoro pages are currently leaking, revealing a couple of new characters and new Pokémon. Additionally, we’ve finally got the scoop on what Xerneas and Yveltal’s types are!

All translations are up. Take a look below at the latest additions to our known Pokémon roster.

CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y
  • Xerneas is a pure Fairy type Pokémon, and knows the new ability Fairy Aura which powers up Fairy type moves. It also has an exclusive move called Geo Control which summons 7 different coloured energy beams from the ground. Xerneas is known as the Life Pokémon.
  • Yveltal is a Dark/Flying type Pokémon, and knows the new ability Dark Aura which powers up Dark type moves, much like Xerneas’ Fairy Aura does for Fairy types. It has an exclusive move called Death Wing where Yveltal summons dark energy from the heavens to strike down it’s foe. Yveltal is known as the Destruction Pokémon.
  • New Pokemon:

    Goronda, the Aggressive Pokémon. Goronda is the evolution of Pancham and is Fighting/Dark type. 2.1m tall, weighs 136kg, and has the ability Iron Fist. It knows Hammer Arm.

    Maika, the Revolution Pokémon. Dark/Psychic type. 0.4m tall, weighs 3.5kg, and has the abilities Contrary or Suction Cup. Maika also knows a new Dark type move called Turn Over which reverses stat changes.

    Karamanero, the Reversal Pokémon. Karamanero is the evolution of Maika and is Dark/Psychic type. 1.5m tall, weighs 47kg. It knows Hypnosis.

    Shushupu, the Perfume Pokémon. Fairy type. 0.2m tall, weighs 0.5kg, and has the ability Healer. Shushupu also knows Aromatherapy.

    Peropuff, the Cotton Candy Pokémon. Fairy type. 0.4m tall, weighs 3.5kg, and has the new ability Sweet Veil which prevents it from falling asleep. Peropuff also knows a new move called Drain Kiss.

  • Honedge has the ability No Guard.
  • Both Pancham and Maika use a new method of evolution to evolve into Goronda and Karamanero. It’s yet to be properly specified.
  • Pokemon exclusive to X: Clauncher, Peropuff
  • Pokemon exclusive to Y: Skrelp, Shushupu
  • The professor is known as Professor Platane. This might be a reference to the platanus genus of trees, given its close resemblance to the Japanese word for plane tree. Plane trees are known as sycamore trees in North America. It’s said that he will battle you from time to time.
  • Two new Gym Leaders have entered the fray: Citron and Zakuro. Their gym type focus is not yet known.
  • The ‘evil’ team for the Kalos region is Team Flare (though with their snazzy outfits it might be Flair.) They simply want to get rich and solely are out to make money.
  • The new Pokémon Search System (PSS) has a number of features new to the series, in addition to being the access point for the new Global Trade Station. Another new function called the Holocaster will give out information on official news, battles, and events. There is also something called a Miracle Trade, and not much else is known about them asides from them being described as exciting. Additionally there have been a few social functions integrated that allow players to broadcast their achievements throughout the game (i.e. getting their first badge, or beating a tough opponent), and there are ways to use special powers to help out on your Pokémon adventure (i.e. powering up the Pokémon you have out in battle marginally.)

A lot of the information revealed in this month’s issue matches up with our rumors (such as the existence of Inkay, Malimar, Pangoro, and their new evolution methods) or seems to be leaning toward them.