This Week’s Upcoming ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Y’ News Releases

This week is going to be big for Pokemon X and Y news. Here’s the order of events:

  • Tomorrow (June 11th) at 6 PM PST in Los Angeles: Junichi Masuda will be hosting an X/Y roundtable with select press at E3.
  • At the same time,’s Twitter account will be live-tweeting the event.
  • On June 12th (which is partially June 11th in Los Angeles), the official Japanese Pokemon website will be releasing a ton of X/Y news. This could be right after the E3 conference or it could be several hours later.
  • CoroCoro will probably leak between the 11th and 12th in U.S. time (covering the same type of info).
  • Pokemon Smash will air on Saturday (covering the same type of info).

It should be noted that any movie-related news will undoubtedly be revealed in these next few days. June is always reserved for the last of the movie surprises, such as Keldeo’s Resolute Form and Shaymin’s Sky Forme. If Mewtwo has yet another new forme, as our source told us, it will definitely be revealed in these next few days. Since Sylveon’s type has also been shrouded in mystery and Sylveon is debuting in the Mewtwo/Genesect mini-movie, its type will probably be revealed too (and it’s supposedly the Fairy type according to our leaker).