The 2013 Klaczynski Open

Two-time World Champion Jason Klaczynski will be hosting the world’s first major unsanctioned Pokemon TCG event this summer along with other high-profile Pokemon TCG players. The tournament will take place from August 31st to September 1st in Chicago, Illinois and will feature over 25 booster boxes, trophies, and more as prizes. Full details and event registration are available here.

Klaczynski Open

The Klaczynski Open will consist of two separate, side-by-side tournaments:

  • Main Event: Open to players of all ages
  • 14 & under Event: Open only to players aged 14 & under

Some exciting elements of the event include:

  • Best 2-of-3 Swiss Rounds (featuring a 75 minute + 3 turn time limit)
  • Over 25 Booster boxes and more as prizes!
  • 6 Booster Boxes to the Main Event winner!
  • A custom die to all entrants
  • On-stage Top 8 matches projected to jumbo screen
  • Live Stream from Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich and The Top Cut
  • Custom 1st Place trophies to winners of both events
  • Seating for over 300 players
  • Win-a-box and Draft Side Events on both days
  • Foreign versions of Tropical Beach permitted in decks
  • Online deck registration
  • Online pairings

Entry Fees:

  • Earlybird Registration, Main Event: $30 ($40 after July 15)
  • Earlybird Registration, 14 & Under Event: $20 ($30 after July 15)