Upcoming ‘Best Wishes’ Episode Titles

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Famitsu magazine has revealed the next several episode titles, some of which have already been revealed over the past few weeks, and two which have not. Can you guess why we’re posting this story? Thanks goes to DorianBlack for the translations!

Butterfree in Best Wishes

  • Island of Illusion! Zoroark in the Mist!!
    Hearing rumors of gigantic Pokemon on Magic Island, Ash and company head off to the small island.
  • Rotom VS Professor Oak!
    Professor Oak lends assistance on Mutoro Island. What is Rotom’s favorite kind of electricity? [Note: In katakana, “Mutoro” is “Rotom” backwards.]
  • Pirate King of the Decolora Islands!
    While attempting to steal food, a band of pirate Pokemon intercepts Team Rocket.
  • Ash and Butterfree! Until the Day We Meet Again!!
    On Migration Island, Ash recalls his Caterpie that he traveled together with a long time ago. [Even though he is still 10, lol.]
  • Ash and Iris Split Up!? Highway of Separation!!
    On Great Island, when a Dunsparce escapes from Ash, is Axew to blame!?

It should be noted that Ash may only be reliving his memories of his Butterfree in the episode rather than actually meeting up with it. Nevertheless, this will be one of a few times since Bye Bye Butterfree that Ash’s Butterfree has been acknowledged in the narrative (Ash remembered it in a couple of flashbacks before and it has appeared in one opening).