Spring Tin Promos, Legends of Justice Box Promos, Elite Trainer Box Items

Super busy on some film projects, though there hasn’t been too much significant Pokemon news lately. Thanks goes to Omahanime for the images below!

The “Legends of Justice” box has been out at retailers like Target and Walmart for a few weeks now. It comes with holo promos Virizion (BW70), Terrakion (BW71), and Cobalion (BW72) as well as a pack of Noble Victories, Boundaries Crossed, and Plasma Storm. Each box retails for $12.99.

BW70 Virizion BW71 Terrakion BW72 Cobalion

The “Elite Trainer Box” has also been out for a few weeks: it comes with seven Plasma Storm booster packs, 40 Energy cards (5 per type), an acrylic Burn and Poison marker, six damage counter dice, a coin-flip dice, a (chintzy) cardboard deck box, a (chintzy) cardboard box to hold everything (not pictured below), and a player’s guide. At $34.99, the whole package costs $5 more than attending a prerelease but you get way more.

Elite Trainer Box Elite Trainer Box Dice

Coming to stores in a week or so is the spring 2013 tins featuring alternate-artwork Keldeo-EX (BW61), Black Kyurem-EX (BW62), and White Kyurem-EX (BW63). Each tin also comes with one of two non-holo Meloetta promos (BW68 or BW69) and four booster packs.

BW61 Keldeo-EX BW62 Black Kyurem-EX BW63 White Kyurem-EX BW68 Meloetta BW69 Meloetta