‘Pokemon Smash’ Promises New X/Y and Genesect Movie Info Next Week

Pokemon Smash just finished airing. During the credits, the show promised that it will be revealing new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y information next week in addition to Extremespeed Genesect news. CoroCoro magazine will definitely leak before then and will more than likely have the same information.

However, we didn’t really need Pokemon Smash to tell us that we would be getting new X and Y info this coming week to know it would be happening. The February issue of CoroCoro always contains a major “wow factor” for the next movie which then appears on Pokemon Smash that week. Because Generation VI is coming soon and there are no other predictable “wow factors” to reveal for Genesect’s movie, the announcement will more than likely pertain to a new Generation VI Pokemon that will star in the movie (and there may be other X/Y information revealed too).

Will we see the revealing of the Lucario / Zoroark of Generation VI, or even a new Eeveelution? Will we only get their silhouettes? Pokemon Smash‘s credits did show several of the cast members dressed up as each of the Eeveelutions, so it could be possible foreshadowing of what’s to come, which the show has done in lieu of major announcements in the past. Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the latest!