Meloetta-EX from ‘Shiny Collection’

Update (11:00 AM, Thursday) – Added Meloetta’s image below thanks to Amu. | Started school today! :(

Meloetta-EX from Shiny Collection

Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed Meloetta-EX from Shiny Collection. Thanks goes to our Japanese correspondent Amu for the scan and Puddizzle for translating!

Meloetta-EX – Psychic – HP110
Basic Pokemon

[C][C] Shiny Voice: 20 damage. Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokemon is now Asleep. If tails, the Defending Pokemon is now Confused.
[P][P][P] Round: 30x damage. Does 30 damage times the number of your Pokemon that have the Round attack.

Weakness: Psychic (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1