New Trailer for ‘Best Wishes Season 2: Episode N’ Reveals Debut of Plasma Characters

Update (9:00 AM) – I didn’t notice that the hologram next to Colress and Ghetsis is of Genesect. So now Genesect is going to be introduced in the TV show!

Pokemon Best Wishes Season 2 Episode N

During today’s episode of Pokemon, a new trailer debuted for the N arc that will begin in Japan on January 17th. It reveals that the arc will not only feature N, but the BW2 Team Plasma Grunts, Colress, Ghetsis, Genesect, and even Ash’s Charizard! Gin has translated the narration in the trailer:

Ash and co. head off to the White Ruins, a place associated with Reshiram, which Prof. Araragi’s father has seen. Then they meet a strange boy who can hear the voices of Pokemon, N. Ash becomes involved in a suspicious experiment Team Plasma is doing using Pokemon. By the hand of the mysterious researcher Colress, Axew and Pikachu become vicious even towards Ash and co.! Team Plasma says they are searching for N, but what is the ambition of their leader, Ghetsis? And! The Team Rocket trio returns from the Kanto region to Unova and fights against Team Plasma! What will the outcome of THAT be?

An article on this anime industry website also reveals that N will become part of the regular cast during this arc. He is traveling the Unova region trying to pursue what the relationship between humans and Pokemon should be and calls Pokemon his friends. Ghetsis is the leader of Team Plasma, who is seeking control of the Unova region, and he is searching for N. Colress is a Plasma researcher who is experimenting on Pokemon using a machine. So, it would seem the anime counterparts of these characters are exactly the same as the source material.