16th Pokemon Film: ‘Extremespeed Genesect’

Update (2:00 AM) – Genesect’s retracted form below is called its “High Speed Flight Form.” The magazine says “In this form he can fly through the skies at high speed. Check for this in the movie!” Thanks goes to Gin for the translation! | Update (11:00 PM): “Godspeed” is the name of Extremespeed in Japanese, so we’ve updated our translation of the film’s title to “Extremespeed Genesect.”

CoroCoro magazine is beginning to leak and has revealed that the Genesect movie will feature a shiny Genesect! The name of the film will be Extremespeed Genesect and will be released in Japan on July 13th along with a mini-movie featuring Eevee. Additionally, Genesect will be given out again to Japanese players from January 11th to February 10th. The images below also show Genesect when its body parts are fully retracted.

Godspeed GenesectGodspeed Genesect