‘Extremespeed Genesect’ Teaser Trailer: Two Genesect?

Oha Suta just finished airing a teaser trailer for Extremespeed Genesect which shows two Genesect! One Genesect is the normal purple color while the other is red. In the trailer, both are seen flying through the air and the red one overtakes the purple one. At the end of the trailer, the red one also turns purple. The narrator simply states: “A 3 million old mystery, wrapped in a red veil!” (Thanks goes to Gin for the translation.) What could this mean for the film? Are there actually going to be two Genesect?

Update (3:00 PM) – The official Pokemon movie site has posted a small premise for the film as well as its mini-movie, “Pikachu and Eevee Friends,” which Gin has translated as follows:

“Genesect,” a Pokemon from 300 million years ago. The mysterious “Red Genesect,” different from regular Genesect, appears. Posing super speed and boasting other strengths, it is a Mythical Pokemon, but what sort of activity will it do in a big city, the symbol of modern civilization? | Pikachu goes to play for the first time with many other cute Pokemon at Eevee’s home, “Eevee House!” Due to Meowth’s mischief, however, there’s an uproar?!