Japan’s Amazon.com Opens Official Pokemon Store!

Update: It seems that only some items, like books and CDs, can be shipped internationally. Most other items cannot be.

Japan’s Amazon.com has partnered with Gamefreak and Nintendo to open an official online Pokemon Store! The store features over 10,000 Pokemon items, some of which can be shipped internationally. Some of the items found in the store include plushes, figurines, TCG products and accessories (like card sleeves and deck boxes), everyday Pokemon accessories, school supplies, and even a life-size Pikachu doll. The store also stocks items that were previously exclusive to the Pokemon Center stores, meaning that now everyone has access to many of their items!

Japan had an online Pokemon Center store many years ago, as did America, but both websites eventually shut down. Now that Pokemon has partnered with a large third party company, perhaps their sales will be much more successful, especially since everyone can now ship the items directly to their door.

Amazon Pokemon Store