November’s English Set: ‘Boundaries Crossed’

Update (10:00 PM) – The set prefix will be BW instead of BW2.

We have received exclusive information that the name of America’s November set is Boundaries Crossed, which references the Boundary Pokemon, Kyurem (“crossed” also references “X,” as in “EX”). The set will obviously be our equivalent of Japan’s BW6 Cold Flare / Freeze Bolt, which was released in Japan this past July to promote the release of Black 2 and White 2. Our set will be released in America on November 7th, which means prereleases will probably take place the weekends of October 27th and November 3rd.

It should be noted that this is the first set released under TPCi that is not named after the games it is promoting, such as EX Ruby and Sapphire being named after Ruby and Sapphire. We’ll hopefully have more details about this set next week, and perhaps some images as well, so be sure to check back!