New ‘Emerging Challenges Box’ with BW52 Lillipup Promo

Update (Saturday, 3:30 PM) – Added English scan below thanks to Omahanime!

BW52 Lillipup Promo

Lillipup has been found! A new “Emerging Challenges” box is now available at retail stores and contains one random Black and White series theme deck, two random Black and White series booster packs, and the Stoutland evolutionary line as reverse holos. While the Herdier and Stoutland are reprints from Black & White, the Lillipup is new and originates from Japan’s Cobalion Battle Strength Deck. The deck was released in Japan way back in March 2011, and while all of its cards were released in our Emerging Powers set last year, Lillipup was left out for some strange reason. Welp, it seems TPCi has rectified this possible oversight and has turned the card into promo BW52! (Or they could have just planned to hold it off for 13 months on purpose…)