‘Boundaries Crossed’ Blister Pack Promos, Kyurem Boxes Cancelled

The Boundaries Crossed three-pack blister will feature a holo BW56 Empoleon, three Boundaries Crossed booster packs, and a Reshiram and Zekrom coin. The Empoleon was released in a promo booster pack for players who attended the March 2012 Gym Challenges in Japan. There will be a second three-pack blister promo card, but we won’t find out what it is until people start getting the blister packs early in international countries.

The two-pack blister will feature a reprinted Raichu from Next Destinies, but printed as a special holo. Like the three-pack blister, there will also be another promo card available. Thanks goes to our friends at online store Card Team for the images below!

Speaking of Boundaries Crossed products, it would appear that the releases of the Black and White Kyurem Boxes have been cancelled. Every product distributor site that had them up has simultaneously removed their listings, which can only mean TPCi axed the product. This may be because they weren’t able to get the product ready in time for release, it doesn’t fit their marketing strategy at this time, or a variety of other reasons.

Crystal Edge from Boundaries Crossed Crystal Edge from Boundaries Crossed