‘Dragons Exalted’ Blister Pack Promo Scans: BW49 Lilligant Promo!

Update (3:00 AM) – The scans have been replaced with higher-quality versions thanks again to darkgamer001.

We now have scans of the promos that come in the Dragons Exalted blister packs thanks to darkgamer001 from our forums. The one-pack blister features either a brand new BW49 promo Lilligant or a reprinted Excadrill from Emerging Powers. The Lilligant promo was released in a blister pack in Japan last December. Both featured cards are printed on the regular galaxy holofoil paper that hasn’t been used in mass production since before the Black and White series began. Each pack also comes with the featured card’s pre-evolution, a Dragons Exalted pack, a sampling pack, and a TCGO card.

Dragons Exalted Blister Pack Promo Lilligant Dragons Exalted Blister Pack Promo Excadrill

The three-pack blister features either Scolipede from Black and White (no scan available yet) or Chandelure from Next Destinies, three Dragons Exalted booster packs, and a silver coin featuring Reshiram and Zekrom. Both featured cards are printed on the broken glass holofoil paper that is most often used for promos. It is unknown if these packs will be released in America since we haven’t gotten them since Next Destinies.

Dragons Exalted Blister Pack Promo Chandelure