Worlds LCQ Round Duration Extended

The World Championship Last Chance Qualifier document has been updated and now states that each round of this year’s LCQ will be 60 minutes plus three turns (best two-out-of-three). Last year, each round was 45 minutes plus three turns (best two-out-of-three), and in previous years, they were simply Swiss rounds. Worlds takes place from August 10th to 12th in Waikalola, Hawaii and to participate in the LCQ you will need 10 Play! Points.

The tournament is run using the Modified Format and Single Elimination pairings. Each Single Elimination match will be a best‐of‐three format, with the first player to win 2 games winning the match. Winning players advance to the next round; losing players are eliminated from the event. See the Pokémon Tournament Rules for additional information about the Modified and Single Elimination formats. The number of rounds run will depend on total attendance at the event. The time limit for the Pokémon Trading Card Game LCQ will be 60 minutes plus 3 turns per round.