Regionals to be Held Over Three Weekends in 2012-13 Season

Whereas in previous years there was only one weekend of Regionals per year, and this year it was increased to two weekends per year (in April and November), the 2012-13 season will be seeing three weekends of Regionals tournaments: on October 13th and 14th, January 19th and 20th, and on an unknown weekend in April! There will still be the same amount of Regionals tournaments, but they won’t be as bunched up into the same weekends, meaning players now have one more chance to participate in a Regional!

As you can see below, the new Play! Pokemon schedule means that there will be at least one type of premiere event each month, thus sustaining more excitement for organized play. If you’re an avid player or tournament organizer, you’ll never get a break! Thanks goes to GreatFox for this information!

  • September: Fall Battle Roads
  • October: Fall Regionals (confirmed so far: Indiana), Prereleases (end of month)
  • November: Prereleases (cont’d)
  • December: Cities
  • January: Winter Regionals (confirmed so far: Oregon), Prereleases (end of month)
  • February: Prereleases (cont’d)
  • March: States
  • April: Spring Regionals
  • May: Spring Battle Roads, Prereleases (end of month)
  • June: Spring Battle Roads (cont’d), National Championship (possibly extending into July like this year)
  • July: Prereleases (end of month)
  • August: Prereleases (cont’d), World Championship