BW7 Plasma Gang’s Power Deck Revealed: New Plasma Mechanic

The prototype image for the “Plasma Gang’s Power Half Deck” that will be released alongside BW7 Plasma Gale has been revealed and will feature Klinklang and its pre-evolutions. It appears a new mechanic will be featured in BW7, as the Klinklang card below has “Team Plasma” under its HP in a special blue bar. This will probably be a new version of the “Owner’s” mechanic, as with cards from Generation IV like Gyarados G (G for Team Galactic). Unlike the Generation IV cards, however, Klinklang remains a Stage 2 card instead of a Basic Pokemon and does not have anything prepended or appended to its name like previous incarnations of Owner’s Pokemon (like Dark Blastoise, Team Aqua’s Walrein, or the aforementioned Gyarados G).

BW7 Plasma Gang's Power Deck