More B2W2 Info Revealed by Official Website

The official Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 website has updated with clear images of the screenshots that were featured in CoroCoro magazine this week. As such, we now have new information!

Keldeo Resolution Form

  • There will be a Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu egg distribution for B2W2 at some point. All three of the Kanto Starters will come with False Swipe and Block as well as Frenzy Plant and Weather Ball for Bulbasaur, Blast Burn and Acrobatics for Charmander, and Hydro Cannon and Follow Me for Squirtle. Pikachu’s moves are unknown at this time.
  • The Piplup you can download over Wi-Fi will be at Level 15 and will come with Sing, Peck, and FeatherDance. It will be holding the Metronome item.
  • The Fes Missions will differ by game version and can support up to 100 players. After completing Fes Missions, you can get rare items and Pass Powers.
  • Join Avenue, which is a shopping center you build with other players, will feature brand new items that you can purchase which boost stats, friendship, and speed up egg hatching. Join Avenue will connect you to other players over both Wi-Fi and local DS wireless.
  • The Live Caster will now feature mini-games, such as two games involving popping balloons called Balloon Catch and Balloon Smash.
  • The new medal system will award players for various achievements – over 200, in fact, such as catching certain Pokemon. Players can decorate their Trainer cards with their medals.
  • Currently unavailable Berries, such as the Salac Berry and Ganlon Berry, will be available in B2W2.
  • The Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus you catch in Pokemon Dream Radar will come with the Regenerator, Volt Absorb, and Intimidate abilities (respectively), but if you change them to their regular formes using the Reflecting Mirror item, they will have their hidden abilities: Defiant for Tornadus and Thundurus and Sheer Force for Landorus.
  • Pokemon caught in Pokemon Dream Radar will come with their Hidden Abilities.
  • Keldeo turns to its Resolution/Resolute Form when it knows Sacred Sword Secret Sword. If it doesn’t know the move, it is in its Usual Form.