June’s ‘CoroCoro’ Leaks + New BW6 Trainer Mechanics + Genesect Reveal Soon?

Update (11:45 PM) – Added a seventh page below featuring new Trainer cards from BW6 with brand new game mechanics. | Thanks goes to our beyond-talented site artist, Xous, for another beautiful banner! :)

June’s CoroCoro magazine has leaked on to the Internet a few days early, revealing the last promotional tidbits for Black 2 and White 2 before their release date next Saturday. Click the thumbnails below for larger scans.

June CoroCoro June CoroCoro June CoroCoro June CoroCoro June CoroCoro June CoroCoro

Page 1

  • Elesa has dyed her hair black and her gym resembles a fashion show, as seen in the animated B2W2 promotional trailer. She now has a Flaaffy on her team.
  • The old Team Plasma will run into the new Team Plasma (the Plasma members from the animated trailer).

Page 2

  • You earn medals when you connect with other players and complete Fez missions (Fes Missions are like the Entralink missions in BW).
  • Black 2 has a cave location with water while White 2 has a cave location with lava.
  • Black City and White Forest are back, though their designs look different.

Page 3

  • The Buneary and Magby lines will be exclusive to Black 2 while the Skitty and Elekid lines will be exclusive to White 2.
  • Black Kyurem has Zekrom’s ability, Teravolt, while White Kyurem has Reshiram’s ability, Turboblaze.
  • Poke Transfer returns so that you can import your Pokemon from Generation IV games.

Page 4

  • A new item, Reflecting Mirror, can change Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus between their formes.
  • Their new formes have different abilities: Tornadus’ is Regenerator, Thundurus’ is Volt Absorb, and Landorus’ is Intimidate.
  • Porygon can be caught in Pokemon Dream Radar.
  • You can also obtain items in Pokemon Dream Radar, such as Thunderstone, and transfer them over to B2W2.

Page 5

  • Keldeo can change to its Resolution Forme when you take it to a forest outside Sangi Town, a new location in B2W2. You will need Virizion, Cobalion, and Terrakion present in order to change it. It is implied that Keldeo will need to know Secret Sword first.
  • A special Piplup will be given away over Wi-Fi to B2W2 players from July 20th to August 9th. It will know Sing.
  • There will be a Meloetta distribution from July 14th to September 30th, though it isn’t stated if it will be over Wi-Fi.
  • If you take Meloetta to the cafe in Castelia City, you can get a special Fez Mission where you have to search Unova for Berries in 3 minutes.

Page 6

  • Just a new poster for the Kyurem vs the Sacred Swordsman – Keldeo movie featuring Keldeo’s Resolution Forme. It highlights the new ribbons sprouting out of Keldeo’s mane and the Musketeer Trio using their Sacred Sword attacks.

Page 7

Crystal Wall and Crystal Edge from BW6 Cold Flare and Freeze Bolt

  • Two new Trainers will debut in BW6 Cold Flare and Freeze Bolt named Crystal Wall and Crystal Edge; they are specially designed for use with either Black Kyurem-EX or White Kyurem-EX. The cards are too small to read, but judging by the magazine’s description of them, Crystal Wall attaches to Black Kyurem-EX and boosts its HP to 300 while Crystal Edge attaches to White Kyurem-EX and allows its attacks to do 50 more damage. The cards seem to involve a new mechanic – they have different templates than regular Trainer cards and also appear to have special clauses on the right side of their borders. I wonder what their drawback will be, if any. We’ll bring more once a clearer scan emerges, so stay tuned!

Also, earlier today, a product sheet leaked for an official Pokedex guidebook that will be released in Japan on August 11th. Its description states that it will feature information on all 649 Pokemon, specifically mentioning Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect. Genesect has not been revealed by Gamefreak or Nintendo yet, so this product sheet mentioning Genesect seems to mean that the Paleozoic Pokemon will be revealed before August 11th. Whether or not this is an oversight or error remains to be seen, but if it’s true, we’ll be getting Genesect a lot earlier than we expected!

Genesect Mentioned in Pokedex Guidebook Product Sheet