‘Dark Explorers’ Blister Pack Promos: BW33 Riolu, BW35 Meowth

There’s been no news lately!

Dark Explorers blister packs are now available at stores like Wal-Mart for $4.98 and come with one Dark Explorers booster pack, one Dark Explorers sampling pack, and either a non-holo BW33 Riolu and a holo Lucario from Next Destinies or a non-holo BW35 Meowth and a holo Persian from Next Destinies. The Lucario is already available as a holo in Next Destinies, but this promo release uses the traditional holofoil paper, making it slightly different. Persian is a regular rare in the set, making this release a special holographic reprint. Thanks goes to Omahanime for the scans below; click them to enlarge the images!

Internationally, Riolu was already released in a three-pack Next Destinies blister pack along with BW34 Luxio. However, that pack was never released in North America for unknown reasons (meaning we don’t have Luxio yet). Riolu was holo in the international pack while ours is non-holo, so if you’re a collector, you have another Riolu to hunt down!

BW33 Riolu Persian Dark Explorers Promo BW35 Meowth Persian Dark Explorers Promo