‘Nintendo Direct’ Announces ‘Pokemon AR Searcher’ and ‘Pokedex 3D Pro’

Nintendo Direct has just announced Pokemon AR Seacher, a new eShop game for the Nintendo 3DS that will come out on June 23rd, the same day Black 2 and White 2 will be released in Japan. Using the 3DS’s camera, you scan the real world by moving your 3DS around and will sometimes see Pokemon hiding (apparently as silhouettes). When you see them, you thrust your 3DS around and try to capture them with a beam of light, as you can see in the screenshot below with the bird Pokemon. Anything that you catch, you can send to Black 2 and White 2 (seen with Ralts). The announcement stated that you will be able to capture very rare Pokemon this way. It also stated the game is meant to “expand on the fun of B2W2,” so perhaps it is this generation’s version of the Pokewalker. It will cost 300 yen, or about $4.

We should note that the silhouette below does not seem to match any current bird Pokemon (thanks goes to Gin for making that image). This may be because the game will not be easy like “Who’s that Pokemon” – they may actually try to make it a challenge to identify silhouettes (if identifying silhouettes is a component of the game as it seems to be, that is). Who knows – maybe we already suck at the game! Or it could be a new Pokemon who may appear in the Keldeo movie or Meloetta mini-movie. After all, the game does come out before the movie debuts, and if there are going to be new Pokemon in it, this would be the opportunity to advertise them. Guess we’ll find out soon! ;) It’s so obvious they went out of their way to show us that silhouette – they want us to endlessly speculate about it. Pokemon sure knows how to market itself.

Pokemon AR Searcher Pokemon AR Searcher Pokemon AR Searcher

The sequel to Pokedex 3D was also announced: Pokedex 3D Pro will contain all Pokemon from every generation, not just Unova’s like its predecessor. Unlike its predecessor, however, it’s not free: it’ll cost 1500 yen, or about $18. It will be available for download starting July 14th. A big thanks goes to Gin for all of the translations!

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