Meloetta Re-Confirmed for Download at 15th Pokemon Movie Screenings

The Pokemon movie website revealed in its February 29th update that Meloetta would be distributed to players who attended screenings of the 15th Pokemon movie while Keldeo would be the Pokemon given out for ticket preorders. One of our translators had seen the news as soon as it went up on the website, which prompted us to post the aforementioned news story.

However, the next day, our readers pointed out that there was no such news of a Meloetta and Keldeo distribution anywhere on the movie website. Since I had not seen the news myself, and my translator could no longer find where he had seen it, he assumed he was either hallucinating or had mistranslated something. This prompted us to delete the original news story, as noted in our update right after.

Well, it turns out now that the Pokemon movie website had actually posted the news by mistake and swiftly deleted it when they realized they should not have revealed it so early! We just happened to check the website in the few minutes the news was up. Our friends at AAPF grabbed a screenshot of the news when it was originally posted, which they decided to reveal just now – we weren’t hallucinating! Thus, I have restored our original news story.

Meloetta Distribution