Prerelease Pathfinder: Everything You Need To Know About Constructed

A Prerelease is a unique event because players build their decks as part of the event, not before the event. Decks consist of 40 cards instead of 60, and consequently, players start with four prizes instead of six. Players are not only restricted to using cards from one set, but also to using the cards they pull from only six packs (note that basic energy are provided). All of these factors combined make for a very unique and fun experience. Prereleases aren’t premier rated because there tends to be a lot of luck involved in both deck construction and actual playing. However, it still takes a decent amount of skill and understanding of the prerelease format to be able to do well.

Players get two extra packs and various other promotional items after the Prerelease is over regardless of how well they do. Generally, there is no physical benefit to winning a Prerelease. Regardless of what’s at stake, everybody knows it’s more fun to win. Those interested in doing well at Prereleases will want to read this article, as it contains some good tips for doing so.

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