Movie 14 Goodies This Weekend + PB Contest Details

For those of you who attend the Victini and Zekrom screenings this weekend, you will receive a jumbo Victini card (a reprint of NV #15), a sample Pokemon Black and White Manga, stickers, a Pokedex 3D code to unlock Victini, and a few other leaflets. The list of theaters hosting the movie has now been updated along with links to preorder the tickets – each theater’s website should now have the times the movie is playing.

Cinedigm Prize Pack

As posted previously, Cinedigm has partnered with us to give out a couple of prize packs! The prize pack, pictured right, features a Zoroark: Master of Illusions DVD, a Pokemon Black and White Manga (volume 1), a Black and White drawstring bag, an Emerging Powers booster pack, and a Pokemon the Movie: White poster.

To enter the contest, you simply need to post your opinion of the movie in this forum thread along with the location you attended. If you cannot attend the screenings, you can instead post a link to the ticket website ( on your Facebook or Twitter to advertise that Pokemon will be playing in theaters again – as proof of this, you must post a screenshot in the forum thread.

On Monday, I will randomly select three winners to take home the prize pack and will notify them via PM. Cinedigm will then send the winners their prize packs in the mail. Also, Cinedigm is also going to holding their own contest where if you take a picture of yourself standing in front of the Victini poster at your movie theater, you can also win a prize pack, so don’t forget to do so when you attend the screening this weekend!