More BW5 Tid-Bits

We know more about March’s BW5 then we know about January’s Dragon Selection mini-set. Also, Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

BW5 Dragon Blade and Dragon Blast Product Order Sheet

Some new preliminary information has surfaced concerning BW5, Dragon Blade and Dragon Blast, which will be released in Japan on March 16th. The set will contain a new Special Energy, which one can predict to be “Dragon Energy,” though this is not confirmed yet. If this prediction is true, this will be similar to when Darkness and Metal-type Pokemon first appeared in Neo Genesis with Special Energy versions of their type. It was not until many years later the TCG saw basic Energy of those types, though. (Though who knows, we could get both this time!) The Hydreigon and Garchomp 30-card decks will each come with the new Special Energy and Rare Candy.

A product order sheet, pictured right, has revealed that when you buy a booster box of BW5, you will receive a holo Ninetales promo card. The Ninetales will most likely be in the set with alternate artwork as with the past few sets. Why not give us a Dragon-type Pokemon as the promo?! Maybe because the promo information has to be revealed early, and doing so would spoil what the new Dragon-type card template looks like. Thanks goes to Nanimonoka for the translations!