Worlds 2011 Deck Releases

Props to anyone who reads every word of all the news stories posted today! :p

Product images and deck lists have been released for the Worlds 2011 decks! The decks will hit store shelves over the next few months and have no specific release date. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge their product images.

Worlds 2011: Gustavo Wada's Megazone Deck

Gustavo Wada – Junior Champion
World Champion Gustavo Wada’s Megazone deck focuses on matching your opponent’s hand size to take advantage of the potential free attacks of Yanmega! Cards like Judge and Copycat help keep those hand sizes balanced, and while Magnezone keeps cards coming from your deck, it’s also building up for huge damage with Lost Burn. This is the kind of Champion’s deck that will put you in the zone!

  • Magnezone x3
  • Magneton x2
  • Magnemite x3
  • Yanmega x3
  • Yanma x4
  • Kingdra x2
  • Seadra x1
  • Horsea x2
  • Tyrogue x1
  • Cleffa x1
  • Pachirisu x1
  • Switch x1
  • Copycat x2
  • Rare Candy x3
  • Pokemon Collector x4
  • Pokemon Communication x4
  • Pokemon Reversal x4
  • Professor Oak’s New Theory x3
  • Junk Arm x3
  • Judge x3
  • Lightning Energy x10

Worlds 2011: Christopher Kan's Reshiphlosion Deck

Christopher Kan – Senior Champion

Christopher Kan became World Champion with a simple, fast, and efficient deck that is hard to stop once it’s on fire! With Reshiram as its primary attacker, Typhlosion works from the Bench to keep the Energy cards coming back so Reshiram can use its powerful Blue Flare attack turn after turn. Add in key Trainer cards to fan the flames, and this deck is destined to burn through all challengers!

  • Reshiram x4
  • Typhlosion x4
  • Quilava x1
  • Cyndaquil x4
  • Pokemon Collector x4
  • Professor Juniper x4
  • Sage’s Training x4
  • Engineer’s Adjustments x2
  • Professor Oak’s New Theory x2
  • Pokegear 3.0 x3
  • Rare Candy x4
  • Junk Arm x4
  • Plus Power x3
  • Pokemon Communication x2
  • Revive x1
  • Professor Elm’s Training Method x1
  • Energy Retrieval x1
  • Fire Energy x10
  • Rescue Energy x2

Worlds 2011: Ross Cawthon's The Truth Deck

Ross Cawthon – Masters Finalist
Ross Cawthon brought to Worlds battles a deck unlike any other in play! Built to react to the other decks it faces, it uses Pichu to get evolutions rolling, Vileplume to lock down Item cards, Reuniclus to move damage counters, and Blissey to heal them all! And with heavy hitters like Donphan, Zekrom, and Suicune & Entei LEGEND to dish out some damage of their own, your opponents won’t be able to handle The Truth!

  • Vileplume x2
  • Gloom x2
  • Oddish x3
  • Reuniclus x2
  • Duosion x2
  • Solosis x3
  • Donphan x2
  • Phanpy x2
  • Blissey x1
  • Chansey x1
  • Zekrom x2
  • Suicune & Entei LEGEND x1 (2 Cards)
  • Pichu x2
  • Cleffa x1
  • Pokemon Collector x3
  • Twins x4
  • Sage’s Training x4
  • Professor Oak’s New Theory x1
  • Copycat x1
  • Pokemon Communication x3
  • Rare Candy x3
  • Seeker x2
  • Tropical Beach x1
  • Fire Energy x1
  • Fighting Energy x2
  • Rainbow Energy x4
  • Double Colorless Energy x4

Worlds 2011: David Cohen's Twinboar Deck

David Cohen – Masters Champion
With Cleffa in place to stoke the flames and the Trainer card Twins to get you just what you need when you need it, World Champion David Cohen uses a combination of Emboar and Reshiram to blaze the trail to his title. In an added flash of inspiration, his addition of Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND can surprise your opponent and earn you two Prize cards to win the game in a blaze of glory!

  • Emboar x2
  • Pignite x1
  • Tepig x3
  • Reshiram x2
  • Magnezone x3
  • Magneton x1
  • Magnemite x3
  • Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend x1 (2 Cards)
  • Cleffa x2
  • Rare Candy x2
  • Pokemon Communication x4
  • Energy Retrieval x2
  • Switch x2
  • Junk Arm x3
  • Pokemon Collector x4
  • Twins x3
  • Professor Oak’s New Theory x3
  • Fisherman x1
  • Fire Energy x9
  • Lightning Energy x4
  • Rescue Energy x2