PokeBeach + Cinedigm Victini Movie Giveaway!

Victini and Zekrom will be airing in over 375 movie theaters on Saturday and Sunday: you can check the official list of participating theaters here. According to Cinedigm, the company distributing the movie, the tickets will be available for sale on their website either today or tomorrow. EVERYONE SHOULD GO!!! If a lot of people attend, it will only show Hollywood that WPM’s live action Pokemon movie must be made! I already told TPCi at Worlds to let me do it and they said I would have to talk to their lawyers down the line. :D Just give me a decade to master film craft and I’ll deliver it!

I asked Cinedigm if they will be exhibiting future Pokemon movies, but their contact stated that TPCi only made a deal with them for this one movie and that they are not aware of any future plans with TPCi. An earlier press release for the movie quoted J.C. Smith, director of marketing at TPCi, stating, “we’re thrilled to be able to present this one-time-only memorable event.” I wouldn’t doubt that Cartoon Network has a contract with TPCi to show a Pokemon movie every year since they are the channel that shows their anime. Since there were two Pokemon movies this year, this may be why TPCi was able to get away with exhibiting one of them. Just ma’ theories – nothing is confirmed.

Oh, right, the contest! Cinedigm has offered us a limited number of prize packs to distribute to PokeBeach readers! Once I make this post, Cinedigm is going to tell me how the contest will be held, so I will post the details in an update to this news story so you can enter! Each prize pack includes a…

  • Zoroark: Master of Illusions DVD
  • Pokemon Black and White Manga, volume 1
  • Black and White Limited Edition Drawstring Bag
  • Emerging Powers booster pack
  • Pokemon the Movie Black and White movie poster