‘Next Destinies’ One Pack Blister + Spring 2012 EX Collector’s Tins

Information regarding Next Destinies products has already begun to surface. The one-pack blister will feature one evolutionary chain (either Zorua and Zoroark or Cubchoo and Beartic), one booster pack of the set, a “Sampling Pack” with three random common cards from the set, and a TCGO code card to unlock the two featured cards. Whether or not the evolutionary chains are promos or reprints from the set remains to be seen. The release date for the blister is listed as February 8th, which may be the release date of the set itself; as with all dates listed on prerelease product information, though, note that the products may take much longer to appear in stores than what is actually stated to be the release date.

Following the release of Next Destinies in March, three “EX Collector’s Tins” will hit store shelves featuring either Reshiram EX, Zekrom EX, or Kyurem EX. Each tin will come with four Black & White series booster packs as well as a TCGO code card to unlock the EX Pokemon within the program. The tentative release date is listed as March 21st. This news confirms the presence of the three EX Pokemon in Next Destinies, which are from Hail Blizzard / Psycho Drive and the Reshiram EX / Zekrom EX Battle Strength Decks. As with most tin promos, they will more than likely feature English-exclusive artwork.