‘Pokedex 3D’ Update

A new update is now available for Pokedex 3D on the Nintendo 3DS, which unlocks many of the program’s hidden capabilities. These features can already be unlocked by trading and sharing a lot of Pokemon data, but this update unlocks them without having to do that. Unlocked features include the pause button (allows you to freeze Pokemon animations when viewing their Pokedex entries), the SD Card Background (lets you use photos on your SD card as backgrounds in the AR Viewer), the musical note item (plays a Pokemon’s cry), and sliders which adjust the sizes of the Pokemon in the AR Viewer. To download the update, you have to select the “Update” option in the menu; it will not update itself automatically.

The new update does not unlock all of the program’s features, however. Normally, if you collect 70 stickers by scanning Pokemon AR Markers, you will be able to display up to nine Pokemon simultaneously in the AR Viewer. 200 stickers allows ten Pokemon while 250 stickers allows eleven Pokemon. You will still have to meet these conditions to display that many Pokemon – the update does not cover this.