Plasma Leader N’s Full Name Revealed


Junichi Masuda must want Internet attention this week – he just updated the Gamefreak blog with some surprising background information about N. He finally revealed that N’s full name is “Natural Harmonia Gropius.” Yes, N’s first name is actually Natural. And yes, laughably, his last name is Gropius (I see two similarities there, one Pokemon-related [Tropius], and one not XD.) On a serious note, and Masuda did not say this, but “Natural” is English, “Harmonia” is Latin, and “Gropius” is German, meaning N’s name comes from three different languages (and he’s German?). Masuda stated that the abbreviation “N” actually comes from “natural number” since N is highly intelligent in math – he is even called a “magician of mathematics,” which isn’t surprising considering his character design shows him wearing a Menger sponge.

As for his personality, Masuda says he is bright, emotional, has a high IQ, stands aloof from the world, keeps people at a distance, loves Pokemon, and thinks of himself as a perfect person, much of which is already explored in the games. He is apparently able to see the pasts and futures of people as well. And most surprisingly, people in the Pokemon world say that he was born from Pokemon (his parents are unknown). Could that be explored in the third version, or is it yet another cool Pokemon plot point that will be dropped and forgotten? Thanks goes to Nanimonoka for the translations!