BW31 Victory Cup + Battle Roads Start This Weekend!

We now have a photo of the gold, silver, and bronze Victory Cup promo cards that players can win when coming in first, second, or third place at Battle Roads; click the thumbnail below for a larger image. Victory Cup has the exact same effect as Poke Ball. Remember, in addition to winning the promos, first and second place will also receive four booster packs of Emerging Powers while third and fourth place winners will receive only two.

Battle Roads begin this Saturday and will be held across the United States until October 16th. To find one near you, launch the Event Locator on Select “Event Date” under Sort Order, “Tournaments” and “Premiere Events” under Event Type, type in your ZIP code, select “United States,” and then hit Search. You will then see a list of all the Battle Roads in your area and information about each of them. (Isn’t it sad that you can’t find this information anywhere on Not even the fact Battle Roads are starting this weekend? Guess that’s what we’re here for.)

BW31 Victory Cup Promo Card from Battle Roads