‘Black & White Trainer Kit’ Scans and List

The long-delayed “Black & White Trainer Kit” is now available at stores like Target and Wal-Mart for $12.99 and comes with Excadrill and Zoroark reprints that feature English-exclusive artwork. Other goodies include a deck box featuring the two Pokemon, an Emerging Powes booster pack, a Pokemon TCG Online code for activating the decks online, two guide booklets that show you how to use each deck and card, as well as a playmat, coin, and damage counters. Click the thumbnails below for larger scans; thanks goes to Omahanime for the images!

The Excadrill deck features 2x Drillbur, 2x Excadrill (one holo, one non-holo), 2x Timburr, 1x Gurdurr, 2x Audino, 2x Lillipup, 1x Herdier, 1x Energy Switch, 1x Potion, 1x Pluspower, 1x Potion, 1x Energy Search, 1x Pokemon Communication, and 12x Fighting Energy. The Zoroark half-deck includes 2x Zorua, 2x Zoroark (one holo, one non-holo), 2x Purrloin, 2x Patrat, 1x Watchog, 2x Minccino, 2x Pidove, 1x Tranquill, 1x Pluspower, 1x Energy Retrieval, 1x Pokemon Communication, 1x Energy Search, and 12x Darkness Energy.

Excadrill - Black and White Trainer Kit Zoroark - Black and White Trainer Kit