Worlds 2011’s Swag, Next Year’s Location

As with every Worlds tournament, all competitors receive a highly prized goodie bag containing a variety of Worlds-exclusive items. This year, the included promo card is Tropical Beach (BW28), a Stadium which works almost like Uxie’s Poke-Power. Other items included in this year’s bag are a skating Pikachu plushie, a t-shirt, luggage tags, a hat, a cleaning cloth (with a video game type chart on the back), a deck box, a playmat, a binder (with the multilingual Tropical Beach promos in it), a random plushie, and a few other random items. Isn’t that Pikachu plushie awesome? Thanks goes to z-man for letting me take photos of the items in his bag; click the thumbnails below to enlarge them.

In other news, Worlds 2012 will take place from August 10th to 12th in Kona, Hawaii again. It seems now that the Anaheim and Orlando locations have been phased out and that Worlds will alternate between San Diego and Kona from now on, though we can’t confirm this yet.

Worlds 2011 Skating Pikachu Plushie Worlds 2011 Binder Worlds 2011 Binder Multilingual Tropical Beach Promos in Binder Worlds 2011 Playmat Worlds 2011 T-Shirt Worlds 2011 Hat Worlds 2011 Cleaning Cloth - Front Worlds 2011 Cleaning Cloth - Back Worlds 2011 Luggage Tags