World Champions Crowned; Video of Closing Ceremonies

Sorry for posting this so late! On Monday I attended grad school orientation #1 (school starts Monday) and yesterday I was rewiring our attic for Ooma. :p

The Worlds 2011 champions were crowned this past Sunday in San Diego following an entire weekend of intense battling! You can view the names of the winners below. For the second time in Pokemon’s history, a previous World Champion reclaimed his title: Ray Rizzo of the United States won the Masters division of the video game tournament for the second year in a row! Jason Klaczynski previously won the TCG Masters Champion title in 2006 and 2008, but this is the first time someone has won it subsequently. Congratulations to everyone!

As a side note, it should be mentioned that Japan was barely represented at Worlds this year. Most of their qualifying tournaments were cancelled because of the earthquake, so barely any of them were invited. Had it been a normal year, more would have competed.

Below is also video I shot of the closing ceremonies. The first one is of when the video game winners were crowned while the second is when the TCG winners were. I apologize for the shakiness of the camera at some points – I had to use my head as a tripod at times. Talk about a production! TPCi sure went all-out to make Worlds feel like a rock concert this year.

Video Game: Juniors

1st: Brian Hough (USA)
2nd: Ian McLaughlin (USA)
3rd: Brendan Zheng (USA)

Video Game: Seniors

1st: Kamran Jahadi (USA)
2nd: Sejun Park (Korea)
3rd: Enosh Shachal (USA)

Video Game: Masters

1st: Ray Rizzo (USA)
2nd: Matteo Gini (Italy)
3rd: Matt Coyle (USA)

TCG: Juniors

1st: Gustavo Wada (Brazil)
2nd: Kohei Takenaka (Japan)
3rd: Alex Krekeler (USA)

TCG: Seniors

1st: Christopher Kan (Australia)
2nd: Marco Facchin (Italy)
3rd: Grafton Roll (USA)

TCG: Masters

1st: David Cohen (USA)
2nd: Ross Cawthon (USA)
3rd: Tom Dolezal (USA)