Teeny-Tiny Images of New BW3 Cards

News is scarce this week, which is perfect for me since I need to get acclimated to school again. So far so gooood… :p

A new playmat poster on the official Pokemon Card website has revealed teeny-tiny images of a few new cards from BW3. It shows Psycho Drive‘s Simisear, Simipour, Shinx, Grimer, Scraggy, Minccino, and Mewtwo EX as well as Hail Blizzard‘s Simisage, Litwick, Vanillite, Pikachu, Ralts, Riolu, and Kyurem EX. To get the playmat, you must show a staff member an EX card at any Open Challenge tournament in Japan. Kyurem EX is enlarged below.

BW3 Playmats Kyurem EX